Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New, Updates, Weekly Posts, and MORE!

Howdy Ya'll!

  I have decided to start back up my blog and see how it goes. I have some big plans for my blog, including giveaways! I would like to post care tips for the items that I make, and some new ideas, including camo, country, and rustic décor, and maybe some yummy comfort food recipes! Oh so many ideas! I will really try to commit to this and I hope ya'll enjoy it!

  As you might have noticed I am getting close to 2,000 fans on facebook. Eeek, so exciting! I would love to have a huge giveaway on here! If you own a boutique I would love to have you participate in the giveaway, but we will talk about that later.

 Handmade items can seem intimidating to take care of. Yes they doo require special care, but I can help with that. In later posts I will post instructions, including pics, of how to keep your items looking their best. And yes I do have some tricks up my sleeves!

 I am always coming up with new ideas, and most of the time I don't get to share them with you. Honestly, there are so many things I would love to share, but I don't feel like it is appropriate to share them on my facebook page. A perfect example is recipes, and fun things to do with kiddos, ect.

 I am hoping to get a good response and I am planning a small giveaway to get to 2,000 fans so I can do a huge giveaway! Please follow my blog and feel free to share it with your friends! I promise I wont go blog crazy and fill your inbox with junk. I will try to keep the posts to 1 or 2 per week, most likely on the weekend. I would also like to have some feedback on this blog idea. Let me know what you like, don't like, want to see, don't want to see, ect. I want to be here for my amazing fans!

I am off to make my kiddos lunch! I am thinking about dedicating my next blog post to be about me, if you would like to get to know me and see who is behind Simply Country. Yes, No Maybe? Let me know!

Have a great day!

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