Friday, August 30, 2013

DIY Mason Jar Tiki Torch

Hi Ya'll! A lot of you seemed very interested in my Mason Jar Tiki Torches I made a few days back! Well here is a tutorial of how I made them! Super simple and super cute!


1. Mason Jars with lids
2. Replacement Tiki Wicks
3. Drill and large Drill bit
4. Tiki "Fuel"
5. Radiator Clamps (optional)

Total cost per Tiki Approx Under $3.00 each

First.... get your drill and drill bit ready. I just left the lid on and drilled a hole in the center of the jar, being careful not to let the drill bit hit the glass. If you don't have a drill, you could cut an X with an Xacto knife and fold the edged down (don't cut yourself, edges will be sharp)

Second I removed the lid, dumped out the shavings in the garbage and added some Fuel** to each Jar. I used the Citronella fuel to keep the bugs away. That was my whole intent when making these, and ok I love tiki's and think they are so pretty.

Third I put the lid back on and dropped a wick into each one then cut off the excess on top, about 1-2 inches. Let the wick sit in the jar about 10 minutes before lighting so the wick can soak up fuel.

**If you want to attach it to the fence like I did, don't add the fuel just yet. I use metal radiator clamps to attach it to my fence. I just undid the clamp, put it around the fence, and started the clamp but didn't tighten it. I then put the jar inside the clamp and tightened it down. Then add the fuel and wick. My reasons for clamping it to the fence was I wanted the torches to be out of reaching distance for my kids. and I wanted no way they could touch it and get hurt, plus adding 5 jars around the yard would hopefully keep the bugs away.
This is seriously so simple to do and takes hardly any time at all. So country and so cute. Please feel free to send me pics of your Mason Jar Tiki torches and I will post them to this blog post! Have fun creating yours! Once they are made, sit down, crack open a cold one and enjoy your work :)
I will try to take some better photos at dark soon =]

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