Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Treat Buckets Tutorial

Sew you cant sew? No Problem!!!!!! This is a fun project that anyone can do, even your kids can help out! I'm going to share how I made the ones for my kiddos and where I got my supplies, and HOPEFULLY I inspire you to create your own!

Cute Huh?

I had some left over material and supplies from my son's and daughter's Halloween costumes so I created a matching Halloween Treat Bucket. If you would like to see their costumes you can find my sons Owl Costume  and my daughter's Princess costumes HERE. 

Lets start with the supply list
  1.  First you will need a bucket, whatever size you want with or without a handle. I recommend one with a handle so you don't have to make one for it. I found both of the buckets I used at the Dollar Tree, but I also saw some at target for around the same price. 
  2. Super Glue
  3. Hot Glue Gun (please be careful, its hot....)
  4. Mod Podge
  5. Fabric scraps, rhinestones, felt, tulle, anything that will match your child's costume. Use old clothes, dish towels, anything that you can.
Lets do the Owl Bucket first.

So when I was making my sons costume, I cut WAY TOO MANY feathers, so I had a bunch left over. 

I started on the bottom of the bucket and super glued feathers overlapping a little all the way around the bucket. Then did another layer, then another.
I decided to make a cute Owl face on the bucket the same way I made one for the costume. I cut out an oval of the body fabric (you can just use felt or whatever you have) and hot glued it to a few of the feathers. I cut out the eyes and beak and glued those onto the face oval. For the ears, I took 2 pre-cut feathers and cut them down a little and glued them on.
Lastly, I glued some twine around the top edge of the bucket to complete the look =] 


Now the Princess Bucket.

While at the Dollar Tree, I grabbed a pink tutu with sparkles. I ended up cutting 2 inches (approx) off the bottom of the tutu and I super glued it to the bucket, under the top lip. So easy! 

The bucket I bought had a ghost face on it and it just didnt have the princess feel. I took some camouflage scraps, cut out a few hearts, and mod podged them over the face.

I had some green fabric left over from the green leaf flaps on her dress. I cut out small green leaf shaped pieces and super glued them around the brim of the bucket.

Next, I added some rhinestones to the green leafs, just like on her princess dress. I ran out of the rhinestones, or else I would have added a few more on the tutu. 

I had some green sequin trim that I planned on using on her dress, but obviously didnt, so I hot glued it around the lip of the bucket. It worked perfect to cover up the rough edges. Then I added a camouflage bow to top it off. 


Enjoy your buckets. If you use my tutorial, please share some pictures, comments, or questions! 

Happy Early Halloween!!

*Simply Country Crafts*